Custom Crafted Murder Mystery Parties

Looking for a new way to spice up a cocktail or dinner party or simply tired of the same old schtick? 

Try an evening of exciting characters, riviting stories, tantalizing clues, and amazing accusations! Killer Parties is committed to providing memorable events through murder mysteries custom created to entertain your guests according to your taste. Unlike other hackneyed mystery kits online, each scenario and cast of characters is completely unique.  You can choose every aspect of your evening from aesthetic to decade, and I’ll work closely with you to ensure the final product is exactly as you imagined. You’ll receive an introduction describing the murder and precipitating events to set the scene and a detailed character description for each guest. Each guest also has a clue or secret that only they know. You and your guests must work together to figure out who among you has committed the crime.

How it works: First, fill out the contact form below! In the message section, let me know if you have a particular aesthetic or murder scenario you’d like your story to revolve around. If you’re not sure, here are a few ideas: 1920’s Steam Ship, A Magic Trick Gone Wrong, Murder for Dinner, A Red State of Affairs, Gruesome Garden Party. I’ll also need to know how many guests you’re expecting and any pertinent details (gender, if that matters to the guests, any couples that would like to be cast together, etc.) I can distribute the character descriptions and clues directly to your guests via individual emails if you wish to participate in the excitement of the evening, but itf you would prefer to preview everyone’s roles and distribute them personally, I cant send it all to you. Remember, this is all custom, so your wish is my command! I can’t wait to help you decide “whodunnit!”



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